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Teilanyo, Diri I. 2007. Culture in translation: the example of J.P. Clark's The Ozidi Saga. Babel 53 (1) : 1–21.
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This paper reviews the criticism of J.P. Clark's Ijo-English translation The Ozidi Saga and observes that no adequate investigation has been made of this work form a linguistic angle. It notes that culture-bound concepts constitute a problematic area in Clark's translation as a result of the difference in the culture sub-systems between Ijo an English. Specifically, elements of Ijo culture, namely natural object, marriage system and maternity, art and dance, kinship terms and the notion of God have been inconsistently and sometimes unfaithfully translated as a result of the adoption of free translation. This gives a confusing or inaccurate impression of certain Ijo cultural traits to the reader of the English text. The paper recommends that culture-bound concepts can hardily be represented adequately through free translaiton and proposes that such concepts should either be left untranslated as loan words into the target language or given literal or loan translations and the be paraphrased in glossaries or annotations.
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