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Mihalache, Iulia. 2008. Community experience and expertise translators, technologies and electronic networks of practice. Translation Studies 1 (1) : 55–72.
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A new global, competitive and technologized space prompts translators to develop a strategic way of thinking that allows them to represent, both socially and professionally, the world around them and to interact with it through new forms of collaboration. Beyond a purely economic representation of reality, translators, in interaction with the actors of the technological world, recognize and define those elements of their environment that are strategically relevant to their work because they convey collective and global meaning. Technologies - which the author considers both as objects of discourse and as actors - facilitate the sharing and transfer of mental models between organizational cultures and across geographical spaces. Drawing on perspectives including strategic management and cognitive technology, this essay sketches an area of ongoing research. It uses a case study to illustrate the wider points being made, analyzing the way translators' communities and networks are built through the discourses created on the website of the SDL international corporation, the third largest global provider of language services and technologies.
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