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Laiho, Leena. 2007. A literary work: translation and original. A conceptual analysis within the philosophy of art and Translation Studies. In Gambier, Yves and Luc van Doorslaer, eds. The metalanguage of translation. Special issue of Target. International Journal on Translation Studies 19 (2): 295–312.
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The focus of this paper lies on the translatability of a literary work of art. The phenomenon is approached as a conceptual challenge subsumed under the question Can the identity of a literary work of art be retained when the work is translated? Since the question of translatability as posed here belongs to the realm of philosophy of art, the problematic nature of ‘original’, ‘translation’ and ‘identity’ is discussed first in the theoretical context of analytic philosophy. The author then considers the issue within the framework of Translation Studies. By showing the definitional diversity the necessity of contextual embedding and theoretical explicitness is highlighted. A genuine exchange of ideas and views, between and within disciplines, presupposes conceptual transparency.
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