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Bannon, D. 2008. Unique Korean cultural concepts in interpersonal relations. Translation Journal 12 (1). URL
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When translating Korean cultural concepts into English, this often leads to mistranslation. In many cases the translation as such is correct, the translators understood the words and grammar involved, but nevertheless the target text fails to communicate the original intent. Often translators are asked to translate from their native tongue into their second language, which can result in unidiomatic phrasing, no matter how grammatically correct. Balancing between literal meaning and intent is always difficult, particularly with concepts that have no direct corresponding expressions in the target language. The concepts discussed in this article have been part of Korean culture for centuries and continue to inform all art, pop culture and business materials. They are essential to the working translator's understanding of the source language. The terms chosen relate specifically to interpersonal relations.
Source : A. Matthyssen