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Munday, Jeremy, ed. 2007. Translation as intervention (Continuum Studies in Translation). London: Continuum. 184 pp.
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Edited volume
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IATIS Yearbook 2006. ISBN-13: 9780826495204 ISBN (hardcover): 0826495192 ISBN-13 (hardcover): 9780826495198 Also reviewed in: Jeremy Munday (2009). “Translation Studies”. #Years Work Critical and Cultural Theory# 17 (1): 148-163.


This book examines the role of translation as a politically and socially active phenomenon which moulds and potentially alters the outcome of many types of communicative event. The contributors examine the effect of translation and intervention in a range of situations and case studies including the European Union, marginalized literature in India, Arabic historical texts and interpretation in the South African courtroom. The result is a comprehensive examination of this key question in Translation Studies: to what extent and in which ways does the translator, and those involved in the translation process, intervene in the discourse he or she translates?
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