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Neather, Robert. 2006. Translating the museum: on translation and (cross-)cultural presentation in contemporary China. In House, Juliane, M. Rosario Martín Ruano and Nicole Baumgarten, eds. Translation and the construction of identity. Seoul: IATIS. pp. 180–197.
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This paper explores the way in which foreign museum visitors experience and reconstruct cultural identities through the museum text. It examines in particular how translations at one semiotic level ― the linguistic or 'verbal' ― influence interpretation of the broader museum text system as a whole, and draws on examples of Chinese/English museum exhibit captions and text-panels as a basis for discussion. It focuses on the contemporary museums sector in the People’s Republic of China as an example in which a range of issues are particularly acutely focused. These include the extent to which partial or inadequate translation may lead to cultural misinterpretation and misreading; the way that bilingual materials are used differently by source and target culture visitors in relation to the visual and spatial dimensions of meaning; and the presence of curatorial or ideological manipulation in the production of museum translations.
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