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Tabakowska, Elzbieta. 1993. Cognitive linguistics and poetics of translation (Language in Performance 9). Tübingen: Gunter Narr. 146 pp.
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Cognitive linguistics is a quickly expanding field of research which sheds new light on a wide variety of questions. Possible applications of the cognitive framework to Translation Studies are discussed in this book. The author starts by surveying the present state of translation theory, both in linguistics and literary studies. She then discusses the main tenets of cognitive linguistics, with particular emphasis on dimensions of imagery as the chief organizing principle of linguistic structure. Extracts from contemporary prose and poetry (originals and translations; English/Polish and Polish/English) are analysed on this basis – with point of view, scale, figure/ground alignment and metaphor as main dimensions of imagery. The last chapter of the interdisciplinary study is devoted to the theoretical reflection of these analyses.
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