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Santos Unamuno, Enrique. 2007. Traducción, transducción, transferencia: la cultura como campo de batalla [Translation, transduction, transfer: culture as a battle field]. In Baigorri-Jalón, Jesús and Ana González Salvador, eds. Entre lenguas: traducir e interpretar [In between languages: translating and interpreting] (Cuadernos de Yuste 4). Yuste: Fundación Academia Europea de Yuste. pp. 15–37.
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This article discusses the concept of translation from a culturalist and systemic point of view, beyond merely linguistic and textual approaches. Analyzing some common metaphors employed to describe the processes of translation leads to a historical semantics of translation in the West. This diachronical approach is fundamental to the understanding of cultural wars underlying the making and institutionalization of Translation Studies as a theoretical and academic field. Furthermore, the article tries to identify and describe the conescutive hegemonic paradigms in this field (from linguistics to comparative ltieratrue of cultural studies).
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