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Curado Fuentes, Alejandro. 2007. El corpus como herramienta en la traducción técnica [The corpus as a tool in technical translation]. In Baigorri-Jalón, Jesús and Ana González Salvador, eds. Entre lenguas: traducir e interpretar [In between languages: translating and interpreting] (Cuadernos de Yuste 4). Yuste: Fundación Academia Europea de Yuste. pp. 97–113.
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Freezes or fixed phrases and collocations denote a specific linguistics basis for the description of genres and text types in specialized settings. An appropriate management of these items tends to contribute to the academic formation of technical students both in terms of second language and content knowledge. According to previous research in English for Special Purposes, it has been observed that certain lexical combinations, such as noun compounds, lead to the need to develop specific skills that enable and enhance students' linguistic and content knowledge in their context. This article aims to describe the use and application of corpus techniques as a means of contrasting and differentiating key language in the translation of technical texts. Such means of measurement may become rather useful for the provision of effective equivalents of English terms into Spanish and vice versa. In addition, the possibility of integrating the introspective role of the linguist/teacher into the analysis, together with colleagues' and students' knowledge, can lead to optimal results for the detection of both non-valid information and effective feedback.
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