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Alonso Araguás, Icíar. 2007. La mediación lingüística oral: interpretar entre lenguas y culturas [Oral linguistic mediation: interpreting between languages and cultures]. In Baigorri-Jalón, Jesús and Ana González Salvador, eds. Entre lenguas: traducir e interpretar [In between languages: translating and interpreting] (Cuadernos de Yuste 4). Yuste: Fundación Academia Europea de Yuste. pp. 205–220.
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Interpreting or oral translation has adapted its different modes and professional profiles (conference, court, bilateral or liaison, community) to the new social demands of each historical period. Today, immigration and intercultural relations have brought with them a new sociocultural situation in Spain - and in other countries of Europe. In this new and heterogeneous reality, social or community interpreters are increasingly relevant as bridges between languages and cultures. This article shows the value of this mediating function, particularly in an era of globalization and cultural hybridization, when communication obstacles also exist. The role of the linguistic and cultural mediator is seen by the author as a tool to facilitate foreign population's access to public services, and the author talks about the role that higher education and public administrations should play to give a professional status to that type of interpreter. Finally the author presents some useful initiatives adopted individually by some municipalities in Spain.
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