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Biosca, Carles. 2007. Georges Simenon traduït per Maria-Aurèlia Capmany [Georges Simenon translated by Maria Aurèlia Capmany]. Quaderns 14 : 29–38. URL
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This article looks at Maria-Aurèlia Capmany's translations of Georges Simenon. The translations are six novels published between 1965 and 1968 by Edicions 62 as part of the La Cua de Palla collection. The six books, in the order in which they were published, are Liberty bar, La nit de la cruïlla, El gos groc, L'ombra xinesa, Maigret i el client del dissabte and Signat Picpus. The article begins by analysing how widely read the Catalan translations of Simenon's works are. It then moves on to Capmany's vision of the work of a translator. It then looks at the response to Capmany's translations. And finally, it highlights both inappropriate translations and excellent choices of translation. The article concludes that, despite certain inappropriate translations, often due to the conditions of cultural production in the Catalan language during the 1960s, these translations contain some very successful solutions and are a contribution to the production of a style of language suitable for noir fiction in Catalan.
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