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Kolb, Waltraud. 2004. 'Noch nicht unter zu vielen Geschichten begraben': englischsprachige Literatur aus Afrika auf dem deutschen Buchmarkt ['Not buried under too much stories yet': Anglophone-African literature on the German book market]. In Wolf, Michaela and Norbert Bachleitner, eds. Soziologie der literarischen Übersetzung [Sociology of literary translation]. Special issue of IASL. Internationales Archiv für Sozialgeschichte der deutschen Literatur 29 (2): 121–133.
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Translations of African literature are, due to the commitment of a few publishing houses, well introduced niche products which dispose of some symbolic capital on the German speaking book market. This paper deals with the German translation market for Anglophone-African literature and its main features such as the publishing houses involved, or the role of promoting institutions as well as the position of translators, who, within the context of this specific literary production, also act as cultural mediators. In an interview added to the paper, the female founder of the Lamuv series 'Black Women' describes the cooperation between translators and publishing house.
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