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Ramamonjisoa, Patrick. 2005. L’étranger prisonnier: écueils d’une traduction passive en situation (post) coloniale [The prison of the foreign: pitfalls of passive translation in (post)colonial context]. In Simon, Sherry, ed. Traduction engagée [Translation and social activism]. Special issue of Traduction Terminologie Rédaction (TTR) 18 (2): 71–88.
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Colonial context obviously supports stereotypes. Since Rousseau's noble savage, anthropology and literature have been deeply influence by the idea of the virtuous primitive, which has been just as strong as the opposite clichés of the greedy and cruel savage. The impact of these condensed forms of knowledge stemming from power relationships is easily detected in translation of some categories of traditional speech, such as the hain-teny of Madagascar. The relationship between translation and knowledge can illuminate the scope, the power and the tenaciousness of asymmetrical remainders, and help discriminate between biased and non-biased foreignness (Berman, Venuti).
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