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Kandji, Serigne, Daouda Ndiaye and Sathya Rao. 2005. Traduire pour l’Afrique: une approche géo-traducto-logique [Translating for Africa: a geo-translato-logical perspective]. In Simon, Sherry, ed. Traduction engagée [Translation and social activism]. Special issue of Traduction Terminologie Rédaction (TTR) 18 (2): 115–133.
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This article actively support the idea of an African translation. Taking as its point of departure the project of translation of Afro-American/European texts back into Wolof initiated by Daouda Ndiaye, this article questions the meaning of such a journey: what does brining back the legacy of Africa's abducted sons, one of the translator's aims, really mean? Is it possible, through these translations into an African language, in the case that had Wolof, to express what was lost or retained during the terrible journey, but also what was (re)created in the new territories (the novelty of creolisations)?
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