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Klimkiewicz, Aurélia. 2005. L’interprétation communautaire: un modèle de communication 'trialogique' [Community interpreting: a trialogic communication]. In Simon, Sherry, ed. Traduction engagée [Translation and social activism]. Special issue of Traduction Terminologie Rédaction (TTR) 18 (2): 209–224.


This article explores some aspects of community interpreting, particularly the relationship between the professional, the client and the interpreter, when participating in an intercultural exchange. Being asymmetrical, this type of intervention generates many levels of difficulty (language, culture, moral code, power). Introducing Mikhail Bakhtin's concept of the third, the article discusses the human dimension of community interpreting, when the interpreter might obey his/her conscience and feelings rather than professional and social norms.
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