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Hubscher-Davidson, Séverine. 2008. A reflection on action research processes in translator training: project on group work in level 2 translation classes. The Interpreter and Translator Trainer 2 (1) : 75–92.
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Trainers commonly use group work in translation classes, as it is thought to provide a beneficial learning experience for students. However, according to informal feedback from undergraduate students gathered in 2006, working in groups is not perceived by all to be a positive experience or useful method of learning. The aim of this project, carried out in 2006-2007, was to gain a better understanding of both trainers' and students' perspectives on - and perceptions of - group work, and assess its generally unchallenged use in the classroom, to the detriment of other methods of working. In order to gather feedback from participants, the author chose to use questionnaires and to video-record a translation class. Although the Action Research produced mixed results, the collection, analysis and interpretation of data made it possible to reflect on the processes inherent in Action Research. Methodology, power relationships, perceptions and expectations of participants are discussed, with a view to understanding the benefits and drawbacks of this type of research, and to encouraging translation studies trainers to engage in continual reflection on their practice.
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