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Schreiber, Michael. 1993. Übersetzung und Bearbeitung: zur Differenzierung und Abgrenzung des Übersetzungsbegriffs [Translation and adaptation: on the differentiation and delineation of the translation concept] (Tübinger Beiträge zur Linguistik 389). Tübingen: Gunter Narr. xii + 353 pp.
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The author aims to provide a differentiated definition of translation as well as criteria to distinguish it from the concept of adaptation. The first part of his book is dedicated to existing theories and their relevance for topical research. The second part provides the reader with a typology of translation methods and methods of interlingual adaptation. The different types are illustrated by text examples from various text types, language pairs and historical periods. The goal of this study is to offer a differentiated and encompassing methodology to describe the most diverse forms of interlingual text transformations.
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