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Baker, Mona and Kirsten Malmkjær. 1998. Routledge encyclopedia of Translation Studies. London: Routledge. xviii+654 pp.
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The book is divided into two main sections of signed entries and arranged alphabetically. One finds descriptions of all themes related to translation, including explanations of common jargon and concepts. Studies of the histories of Quran, Torah, Shakespeare, and Bible translation provide exemplary cases of translation methods and historical development. Throughout, authors use examples as they discuss topics such as anthologies of translation, corpora in translation studies, the history of translation, machine translation, metaphrase, Skopos theory, subtitling, term banks, think-aloud protocols, and court interpreting. They provide practical entries with information on publishing strategies, translator-training institutions, reviewing and criticism. This edition examines traditions of translation in several different languages and countries.
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