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Ying, Liu. 1997. Sprache, Verstehen und Übertragung: hermeneutische Grundlage der philosophischen Übersetzung [Language, comprehension and translation: the hermeneutic foundation for philosophical translation] (Europäische Hochschulschriften: Philosophie 533). Bern: Peter Lang. 186 pp.
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In this book, language, comprehension and translation are examined from a hermeneutic perspective. In the first part, these issues are discussed historically and theoretically. Language is regarded as the starting point regarding its origin and relationship to nature and humans. Comprehension is considered particularly with regard to language. It is conditioned by language, and it shows a dialogical interaction. Based on that, translation is regarded as a special case of comprehension. In the second part, philosophical translation and its delimitation are considered. In order to concretely pursue the topic, the Chinese translation and interpretation of Kant’s philosophy are stated as examples.
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