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Kadric, Mira, Klaus Kaindl and Franz Pöchhacker, eds. 2000. Translationswissenschaft: Festschrift für Mary Snell-Hornby zum 60. Geburtstag [Translation Studies: on the occasion of Mary Snell-Hornby's 60th birthday]. Tübingen: Stauffenburg. vii + 383 pp.


The broad spectrum of topics in this book covers, among other items, the investigation of a systemic culture-theoretical approach with regard to its explanatory value for translation theory, the analysis of translation practice as an interdisciplinary act, the application of the functional translation-theoretical approach to Bible translation, the development of new sources on interpreting history, the analysis of new challenges for interpreters posed by satellite and video conference interpreting, the use of a new computer-assisted method for real-time documentation of translation decisions for translation-didactic experimental assemblies, and the use of psychological expertise and research assessment research on learning progress analysis in simultaneous interpreting.
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