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Kussmaul, Paul. 2000. Kreatives Übersetzen [Creative translation] (Studien zur Translation 10). Tübingen: Stauffenburg. 215 pp.
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Creativity is very much in vogue these days, even in the fields of translation and Translation Studies. Still, the concept of creative translation has remained largely undefined. The general idea is that the creative translator has to wait for inspiration or revelation. This book wants to put and end to such mystifications, as its aim is precisely to research the creative linguistic thinking process. The central idea is that creative thinking is inherent in the human brain. It is possible to acknowledge this form of thinking and make use of it, as is shown by research on creativity and cognitive linguistic models. This work is the first to apply the findings from creativity research and cognitive models to the translation process. The author has found that there are different types of creative translation. They can be helpful to the professional translator or to the translator trainer.
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