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Snell-Hornby, Mary. 2009. What's in a turn? On fits, starts and writhings in recent translation studies. In Wolf, Michaela and Kate Sturge. The translational turn. Translation Studies 2 (1). : 41–51.
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This contribution discusses in detail the definitions and varying usages of turn, translation and other basic terms in the English-speaking translation studies debate of recent years, along with the ensuing conflicts and misunderstandings, based on the example of multimodal texts and the opinions of two translators of the musical libretto of Les Misrables. With reference to the “cultural turn”, Bassnett's 1998 essay on the “translation turn in cultural studies” is analysed, her specific definition of “cultural studies” clarified and her view of the “translation turn” quoted, again with reference to drama translation. Using the broader concept of Kulturwissenschaften, the possibilities of a “translation turn” as based on “competence between cultures” are tentatively discussed and illustrated by authentic examples. In conclusion it is pointed that a translation turn of this kind presupposes a balanced plurality of languages and cultures across which such communication can take place.
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