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Dib, Naïma. 2009. D'un islam textuel vers un islam contextuel: la traduction du Coran et la construction de l’image de la femme [From a textual towards a contextual Islam: the translation of the Koran and the construction of the image of women] (Perspectives on Translation). Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press. 209 pp.
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Is the domination of women by men really proscribed by the Koran? By studying the verses of the Koran relevant to the condition of women, author Naïma Dib shows that this idea is a human creation. A semiotic analysis of translations of the Koran in French and English allow the reader to unveil the divergences between the Text and its translations, and to rebuild its semantic networks, revealing a different understanding of woman and world. Enlightened by this examination, the author continues with a sociohistorical analysis of the common social discourse, a discourse imprinted with an androcentric perspective of the world, in which translation participates as a discursive activity. In this way, the reader or translator may easily free themselves from this discourse, opening the Koran to a new reading where female subordination makes way for the “woman-being.”
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