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Seruya, Teresa and Maria Lin Moniz, eds. 2008. Translation and censorship in different times and landscapes. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 344 pp.
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ISBN-13: 9781847184740


This volume is a selection of papers presented at the international conference on Translation and Censorship held in Lisbon in 2006. It studies censorship in different geographical and temporal settings: the Portuguese situation under Salazar and Caetano, censorship in Spain under Franco, former dictatorships such as Brazil and Communist Czechoslovakia, present day countries with very strict censoring apparatus such as China, or more subtle censorial mechanisms as Turkey and Ukraine. Specific situations of past centuries are given some attention: the reception of Ovid in Portugal, the translation of English narrative fiction into Spanish in the 18th century, the translation of children literature in Victorian England and the emergence of the picaresque novel in Portugal in the 19th century. Also self-censorship is discussed. The book studies the social and political constraints on translation processes and translation functions. More specifically, the concept of censorship is crucial to the understanding of these constraints, especially in spatio-temporal settings where translation exhibits conflicts between what is acceptable for and what is prohibited by a given culture.
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