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Desmarchelier, Dominique and Ayako Kishi. 2001. Comment traduire des sensations en japonais et en français? [How to translate sensations in Japanese and French?] In Laurian, Anne-Marie and Thomas Szende, eds. Les mots du rire: comment les traduire? Essais de lexicologie contrastive [Words of laughter: how to translate them? Essays of contrastive lexicology]. Bern: Peter Lang. pp. 87–100.
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In the context of translation and humour, this paper sets out to demonstrate how different cultures use specific strategies to translate pleasant or unpleasant sensations. The corpus used comprises French and Japanese advertisements on health and beauty. The authors have discovered that while French tends to name or metaphorise sensations, Japanese often resorts to using onomatopoeias whose equivalents are difficult, almost impossible, to locate in French.
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