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Nida, Eugene Albert and Charles Russell Taber. 1969. The theory and practice of translation (Helps for translators 8). Leiden: Brill. viii + 220 pp.
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This volume is the logical outgrowth of the author’s previous book Toward a Science of Translating (1964), which explored some of the basic factors constituting a scientific approach to translation. This second volume presents certain of these same theories in a pedagogically oriented order, designed to assist the translator to master the theoretical elements as well as to gain certain practical skills in learning how to carry out the procedures. The illustrative data in this book are primarily drawn from the field of Bible translation. The first two chapters of the book attempt to orient the reader; the following chapters take up in a systematic order the fundamental procedures of translating: analysis, transfer, restructuring, and testing. Purely practical considerations of committee organization and procedures for carrying out the work of translating are treated in the Appendix. A glossary of technical terms is also included.
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