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Newmark, Peter. 1981. Approaches to translation. Oxford: Pergamon Press. xiii + 200 pp.
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In this volume the author defines and discusses significant aspects of translation, both theoretical and practical. The author treats semantic and communicative translating in a detailed way. Semantic translation focuses primarily upon the semantic content of the source text and communicative translation focuses essentially upon the comprehension and response of receptors. The distinction becomes especially relevant for the wide diversity of text types which the author considers. This approach to translation flatly rejects the proposition that translation is a science, but it does insist on treating the basis propositions of translation in terms of a theory of communication, one which is restricted to a single literary genre or a text type but which has applicability to a wide range of discourse and related problems. Accordingly, this volume deals extensively with the problems of figurative language and proposes a number of valuable suggestions as to how these can and should be handled.
Source : Based on E. Nida