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Procházková, Hana. 2001. Les écueils de la traduction de l'humour dans le roman tchèque Les mamies de Petr Šabach [The obstacles of the translation of humour in the Czech novel Les mamies by Petr Šabach]. In Laurian, Anne-Marie and Thomas Szende, eds. Les mots du rire: comment les traduire? Essais de lexicologie contrastive [Words of laughter: how to translate them? Essays of contrastive lexicology]. Bern: Peter Lang. pp. 321–330.
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This article aims to elaborate on the translation of a Czech novel translated into French. It investigates the specificity of Czech humour, and of Eastern European humour in general. The study examines the case of Petr Šabach, whose novels contain many references to totalitarianism. The paper particularly aims at investigating how the translator dealt with reestablishing this type of humour, and which socio-cultural problems the translator needed to tackle.
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