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Lee-Jahnke, Hannelore. 2002. Eleanor Marx, traductrice militante et miroir d'Emma Bovary [Eleanor Marx, militant translator and mirror of Emma Bovary]. In Delisle, Jean. Portraits de traductrices [Portraits of women translators] (Perspectives on Translation). Ottawa: Presses de l'Université d'Ottawa. pp. 321–368.
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This article is about Eleanor Marx (1855-1989), who very soon discovered that she had at least three talents: one for theatre, one for rhetoric, and one for languages. The first talent permitted her to exteriorise her feelings, the second one to disperse her political opinion and to fight for the cause of women, and the third one made her make her living as a teacher and above all, as a translator. Eleanor’s first remarkable translation was L’ Histoire de la Commune de 1871 by Prosper-Olivier Lissagaray. Another known translation she made was that of Madame Bovary by Flaubert, which was published in 1886.
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