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Venuti, Lawrence. 2009. Translation as cultural politics: régimes of domestication in English. In Baker, Mona, ed. Critical readings in Translation Studies. London: Routledge. pp. 65–79.
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The author’s focus is on the target culture, and his aim is not to ‘preserve’ the source text as such but to disrupt dominant values and patterns in the target context. Venuti advocates foreignizing translation in opposition to the Anglo-American tradition of domestication. He regards this strategy as ‘resistant’ because, while avoiding the fluency that occludes the source language and culture, and despite enacting its own (inevitable) ethnocentric violence on the foreign text, it also challenges the norms and expectations of the target language and culture. To enact foreignization, the author advocates a strategy of symptomatic reading that involves the translator consulting a wide range of target-language culture materials, both canonical and marginal. He expects the sheer heterogeneity of these materials to produce discontinuities in the translation that are symptomatic of – and alert the reader to – its ethnocentric violence. These discontinuities may be evident at the level of syntax, diction or discourse and allow the translation to be read as a translation.
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