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Littau, Karin. 2009. Translation in the age of postmodern production: from text to intertext to hypertext. In Baker, Mona, ed. Critical readings in Translation Studies. London: Routledge. pp. 433–448.
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The author discusses the impact of new computer technology on the way we conceptualize translation, but rather than machine translation she focuses on the environment and format of the hypertext. This new interface inevitably influences the ways in which we write, read and translate. The windows environment displays text in such a way as to encourage intertextuality. Hypertext makes it possible to arrange and rearrange text, to disperse fragments of text, insert them into other texts, connect, dis- and interconnect texts as well as images. This implicates that translation can be no longer understood as the reproduction of a stable, bounded ‘original’, but has to be reconceptualised as an ongoing rewriting of an already pluralized ‘original’. Besides this, hypertext has implications for the notion of authorship too.
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