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Celotti, Nadine. 1997. Langue et images en présence: des espaces langagiers pluriels comme moment de réflexion pour la traductologie contemporaine [The language-image combination: multilanguage spaces and Translation Studies]. In various authors, ed. L'histoire et les théories de la traduction [The history and theories of translation]. Berne et Genève: ASTTI et ETI. pp. 487–503.
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Following Roland Barthes’s analysis of images as meaning-making signs, this article discusses how images, especially because of their cultural meaning, can give a contribution to the discussion about foreignization vs. domestication in Translation Studies. The article focuses on the translation of comics to stress that an image is neither universal nor a constraint for the translator. The paper is based on some examples from French comics translated into Italian.
Source : F. Zanettin