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Neunzig, Wilhelm. 1997. Der Computer als Hilfsmittel beim Erwerben kognitiver Übersetzungsstrategieen [The computer as a tool in the acquisition of cognitive translation strategies]. In Fleischmann, Eberhard, Peter A. Schmitt and Wladimir Kutz, eds. Translationsdidaktik: Grundfragen der Übersetzungswissenschaft [Translation didactics: basic issues in Translation Studies]. Tübingen: Gunter Narr. pp. 377–384.


In this article, the author presents the possibility of using computers in translation teaching. The article does not deal with the possibilities of computer-assisted translation (use of databases, word processing programs, semi- or full automatic translations etc.). The article deals with computer-aided learning, in which the computer functions as a “virtual teacher”, taking over tasks of the real translation teacher. Talking about virtual teaching, one does immediately think of the possibility of using the computer to simulate at least parts of translation teaching. This article tries to formulate an answer to the questions that arise in this context: is it possible to simulate at least parts of translation teaching with the computer? Does the computer help translation teachers in their pedagogical work and in their research? Would students accept a computer as a competent translation “teacher” and would they learn anything using the computer?
Source : W. Tesseur