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Interpretation is a highly cognitive and demanding activity. In order for students to acquire this skill during their training at the Ecole de Traduction et d'Interprétation (ETI), University of Geneva, a tutoring program was established in 2001. Students are asked to work in groups under the supervision of Teaching Assistants according to a highly structured training approach inspired by the pedagogical philosophy of "deliberate practice" (Ericsson 1993). In May 2005 a pilot project was carried out to assess the pedagogical value of a tutor-based e-complement to the tutoring program. This e-complement is based on the virtual learning environment launched at ETI in October 2004 and based on the "deliberate practice" pedagogical philosophy. In October 2005 the second phase of the blended virtual learning environment, the "ETI Virtual Institute©" was launched. In this article, the author discusses the advantages for the students and consequences for the overall organisation of the program.
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