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Dolet, Etienne. 1997. The way to translate well from one language into another. In Robinson, Douglas. Western translation theory from Herodotus to Nietzsche [1997]. Manchester: St. Jerome. pp. 95–97.
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In this article, the author sets out the main things a translator needs according to him to translate from one language into another. Five elements are essential to the author. In the first place, a translator must perfectly understand the sense and matter of the author he is translating. The second thing that is required is that the translator must have perfect knowledge of the language of the author he is translating and of the language into which he is translating. Thirdly, a translator must not be servile to the point of rendering word for word. The fourth rule is that a translator should avoid adopting words too close to the source language, but be content with the common tongue without introducing any new terms. The fifth rule is that a translator should also try to render the style of the original.
Source : W. Tesseur