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Qvistgaard, Jacques, ed. 1972. Third international congress of applied linguistics (Copenhagen, 21-26 August 1972): congress abstracts. Copenhagen: Ehrverskøkonomisk Forlag. 259 pp. URL


This volume contains abstracts of the 239 papers given at the Third International Congress of Applied Linguistics. The volume contains a topical and author index arranged alphabetically. Topics include applied linguistics, quantitative linguistics, contrastive linguistics, application of grammar models, the syntax of spoken language, applied phonetics, language for special purposes, lexicography (including terminology), translation, curriculum research, tests and testing, language teaching strategy, criteria for the choice of texts in language teaching, programed instruction (including self-instructional material), instructional media, modern language teaching for adults, teacher training, psycholinguistics, child language, bilingualism, sociolinguistics, communication theory and language teaching, language instruction for the handicapped, and language planning.
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