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Gambier, Yves, ed. 1996. Les transferts linguistiques dans les médias audiovisuels [Linguistic transfers in audio-visual media]. Villeneuve d'Ascq: Presses Universitaires du Septentrion. 248 pp.
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Language transfers in audio-visual communication are produced daily in television broadcasting, cinema, radio, video, etc. Yet little is known about the working conditions. While we are learning, working, receiving information and enjoying ourselves, we are rather ignorant as to how the linguistic barriers are overcome. This is so because audio-visual translation is still basically unexplored. In this joint volume, the situation in several countries around the world (Nigeria, Taiwan, the Netherlands and Finland) is described along with some of the practices and their implications for translating. Some twenty authors have joined to analyze how they work when they subtitle a film, dub a cartoon for children, voice-over a documentary, sur-title an opera, do intralingual subtitling for the deaf, interpret in a TV studio, etc.
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