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Eighinger, Lynne and Ben Karlin. 2001. The feminist-relational approach: a social construct for event management. In Brunette, Louise, Georges L. Bastin, Isabelle Hemlin and Heather Clarke, eds. The critical link 3: interpreters in the community (Benjamins Translation Library 46). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. pp. 38–47.
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Much of what is actually done by working interpreters fits well into a sociolinguistic system of understanding, namely a feminist-relational system. The goal of feminist-relational event management is to involve the actors as communication partners with opportunities for self-expression through the application of techniques which value listening, consensus building, cooperation, empowerment, social justice, and experience. Listening, consensus building, and cooperation are generally understood; this paper provides words that may help with defining empowerment, social justice, and experience. How these techniques impact an American-English®American Sign Language interpreter is illustrated in scenarios, given as examples.
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