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Bélanger, Danielle-Claude. 2001. Les différentes figures d'interaction en interprétation de dialogue [The different models of interaction in dialogue interpreting]. In Brunette, Louise, Georges L. Bastin, Isabelle Hemlin and Heather Clarke, eds. The critical link 3: interpreters in the community (Benjamins Translation Library 46). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. pp. 51–66.
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This research focuses on the communication process in the presence of a French-Quebec Sign Language (LSQ) interpreter. It highlights two characteristics of the interactional structure that are specific to this type of encounter: (1) the communication situation is a three-party discussion involving six interactional configurations; (2) a super-imposition of interactions of a different nature and function typically develops. The complexity of conversational structure confirms the need to propose a schema removed from linear traditions: a triadic model, based on co-directed interaction.
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