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Utz, Peter, ed. 1994. Wärmende Fremde: Robert Walser und seine Übersetzer im Gespräch [Close friends: Robert Walser and his translator in dialogue]. Bern: Peter Lang. 231 pp.
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Proceedings of the February 1994 colloquium held at the Universität Lausanne.


The problem of Walser’s foreignness is the key issue of a colloquium at the University of Lausanne in February 1994, which is documented in this volume. It gathers Walser's publishers, translators and interpreters to discuss the problems of his translatability, stylistic peculiarities and his relationship with ‘homeland’ and ‘foreignness’. It establishes a bibliographic overview of Walser’s translations into the most important European languages and informs about the prevailing situation of reception. Finally, it discusses the problem of adaptation of his prose for the stage.
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