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Gommlich, Klaus and Esim Erdim. 2001. Evolving imagery in the translation of Orhan Pamuk’s Kara Kitap . Across Languages and Cultures 2 (2) : 237–249.
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The article uses examples of "hybrid text" from the English translation of Orhan Pamuk’s novel Kara Kitap (1990) to show that in literary translation the notion of the "hybrid text" is indispensable, if the translator wants to disseminate a less known source culture through the language of a better known target culture. The novel was translated from the original by Guneli Gun as The Black Book (1994) and three key images of the novel offer promising opportunities for study: the apartment airshaft, the Bosphorus, and the statues of Ataturk. The "hybrid text" is bound by time and space constraints. Having entered into the mind of the target reader via Gun’s text, these images can serve to develop a kind of understanding that may lead to new ways of relating to other cultures.
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