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Tirkkonen-Condit, Sonja. 2001. EU project proposals as hybrid texts: observations from a Finnish research project. Across Languages and Cultures 2 (2) : 261–264.
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Intercultural communication gives rise to the development of new text types and genres. Particular stages of this development can be described as hybridisation. These are the stages at which the new text types and genres are not yet fully established themselves as forms of communication in a socio-cultural setting: they manifest linguistic and rhetorical features which are felt to be foreign. Hybridisation can be seen as a process comparable to pidginisation: while pidginisation in the course of time may result in the emergence of new languages, i.e. creoles, hybridisation may result in the emergence of new domestic text types and genres. Thus the hybrid condition is transitory by definition. The paper will illustrate this process with reference to EU grant applications.
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