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Milojevic Sheppard, Milena. 1993. Morpho-syntactic expansions in translation from English into Slovenian as a prototypical response to the complexity of the original (Slavische Beitrage 306). München: Otto Sagner. 254 pp.
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This work is based on the author’s doctoral dissertation. It investigates the intricacies of morpho-syntactic expansions when translating from English into Slovene. The novel Cat Among the Pigeons by Agatha Christie served as the basis for her research. The book comprises six chapters. In the first chapter, the author embarks upon general issues and the scope of the study. In the second chapter, the complexity of the original is investigated. In the next few chapters, databases, morpho-syntactic expansions and factors relevant to morpho-syntactic expansions are tackled. In the final chapter, a tentative conclusion is posited.
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