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Bergenholtz, Henning and Sven Tarp. 1995. Manual of specialised lexicography: the preparation of specialised dictionaries (Benjamins Translation Library 12). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. 254 pp.
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US ISBN: 1-55619-693-8


From 1990-1994 the Danish Research Council for the Humanities granted a research project entitled “translation of LSP texts”, which was initially split up into five part-projects, one of which has been concerned with LSP lexicography. The Manual of Specialised Lexicography is one of the results of the research undertaken by this project. The primary purpose of the Manual is to contribute towards an improved basis for practical specialised lexicography, which has so far had but a small share in the explosive development that has taken place in general-language lexicography since the early 1970s. One implication of this is that only to a limited extent has it been possible to build upon existing findings. The manual thus has the twofold aim of offering guidance and direction to authors of specialised dictionaries as well as contributing towards the further development of lexicographical theories. [Source: publisher information]
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