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Since the start of the twenty-first century, interest in translation has grown in an unprecedented way due to global changes such as mass migration and the attack of 9/11. Not only has translation come more into prominence as an instrument – we need translators in order to gain access to languages that we do not know – but the terminology of translation has also come to be used metaphorically, to indicate a shift in ways of thinking about interchange between cultures. A new field of research, Translation Studies, which first came into being in the late 1970s, has flourished around the world during the first decade of the 21st century, with particular emphasis being placed on examining the role of the translator not only as a bilingual interpreter but also as a figure whose role is to mediate between cultures. This chapter pays significant attention to the notion of translation, to translation in context, to the translator’s identity and his function as a mediator between cultures. It also discusses the idea of cultural translation and the role of translation in the media.
Source : W. Tesseur