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Pöllabauer, Sonja. 2000. Nema problema, alles paletti…? "Community interpreting" aus der Sicht von NGOs ["Nema problema, alles paletti…?" Community interpreting from the perspective of NGO's]. TEXTconTEXT 14 (2) : 181–210.


This paper starts from a quote by Patricia Burley saying that "community interpreting requires a great number of skills, is grossly underpaid and has low status. It is not glamorous but demanding; it involves having a missionary spirit and developing a thick skin“. The author evaluates these claims by discussing both theoretical reflections and the results of an empirical study. She particularly deals with the following issues: the specificity of community interpreting; the opposition professional vs. non-professional; the interpreter‘s work environment and payment; known vs. unknown interpreters (with respect to the client); the use of children as interpreters; the tasks, competences and training of community interpreters as well as the pressures they could encounter.
Source : Based on I. Van linthout