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Salevsky, Heidemarie. 2000. Sprachliche Gleichberechtigung in der EU: eine Chance für Esperanto? Ein Kongreßbericht, ein Pilotprojekt und einige Hintergründe [Equal rights for languages of the EU: an opportunity for Esperanto? A congress report, a pilot project and some general reflections]. TEXTconTEXT 14 (2) : 249–266.
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The Nitobe Conference was part of the 84th Esperanto World Congress held in Berlin from July 31 till August 7, 1999.


The author renders the content of some papers presented at the two-day Nitobe Conference on "Globalisation and linguistic diversity". The papers deal with the language problems within the European Union, language rights movements and their influence on the linguistic diversity, research on the semantic and syntactic assimilation of international terminologies by editing norms and definitions, and, in a final instance, the RELAIS-project (an acronym for Reference Exchange Language As Interpretation System).
Source : I. Van linthout