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Orlando, Marc. 2011. Evaluation of translations in the training of professional translators: at the crossroads between theoretical, professional and pedagogical practices. The Interpreter and Translator Trainer 5 (2) : 293–308.
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The aim of this article is to present evaluation tools, used in different contexts and at different stages of the training of future professional translators, designed and implemented at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. Whether the trainee’s translation is assessed in a product-oriented way (entry test, practical test, final exam, accreditation exam, etc.) or in a process-oriented way (assessed formative tasks with different pedagogical objectives at different stages of the training), instructors need different evaluation tools in order to understand the trainees’ qualities and defects, to choose appropriate remedial teaching strategies, and to make future translators aware of practices and requirements of the translation and interpreting sector in the local and global market. Two different evaluation grids for the different types of assessment, grid descriptors for instructors in the programme, and an Integrated Translator’s Diary are presented and discussed in the article, along with various comments on the difficulty in establishing an efficient evaluation system in an academic programme with both a pedagogical and a vocational purpose.
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