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Alvstad, Cecilia, Adelina Hild and Elisabet Tiselius, eds. 2011. Methods and strategies of process research. Integrative approaches in Translation Studies (Benjamins Translation Library 94). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. xii + 377 pp.
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The volume includes contributions on the cognitive processes underlying translation and interpreting, which represent innovative research with a methodological and empirical orientation. The methodological section offers an assessment/validation of different time lag measures; discusses the challenges of interpreting keystroke and eye-tracking data in translation, and triangulating disfluency analysis and eye-tracking data in sight translation research. The remainder of the volume features empirical studies on such topics as: metaphor comprehension; audience perception in subtitling research; translation and meta-linguistic awareness; effect of language-pair specific factors on interpreting quality. A special section is dedicated to expertise studies which look at the link between problem analysis and meta-knowledge in experienced translators; the effects of linguistic complexity on expert interpreting; strategic processing and tacit knowledge in professional interpreting.
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