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Künzli, Alexander, ed. 2005. Empirical research into translation and interpreting: processes and products. Neuchâtel: Université de Neuchâtel. 166 pp.


The volume gathers nine articles concerning processes taking place in translation and interpreting as well as the relationship between processes and products. The majority of articles are written in English, but two are in French and one in German, in line with the trilingual editorial policies of the Bulletin. Indeed, one of the interests of this publication consists in the wide array of language pairs it discusses in relation to translation and interpreting issues: Hungarian into French, Russian and French into Swedish, French into German and into Norwegian are pairs studied less frequently than those involving two major languages. From anticipation in simultaneous interpreting to subject-field competency in technical translation, the emphasis is on professional aspects of language mediation.
Source : L. Desblache

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